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How often have fire fighters wished for something, anything, which they could use to get at that fire while it was still small?   And, when they couldn’t, the fire got away from them becoming a much larger problem.  NOW there is an answer:

The FIRE TYKE®, a most unique fire protection vehicle.

Although small, it carries a tremendous punch for its size.  The FIRE TYKE® was specifically designed for situations that need a small, agile, highly mobile response vehicle.  Clearly it is “just made” for quick response to small fires in forest or brush areas. 

The ability to get around or over obstacles,  climb and descend steep grades, move through crowds, and navigate through traffic congestion make the FIRE TYKE® truly versatile for many applications. 

No, the FIRE TYKE® is not for use on a raging forest fire; however, the FIRE TYKE® can make a substantial contribution to containment, mop-up, and support efforts. 

The patented air-aspirating foam nozzle is far superior to other air-aspirated, medium expansion nozzles. This nozzle projects the foam a distance of 40 to 45 feet instead of just dropping it out the end of the nozzle.  This nozzle was specifically developed for the FIRE TYKE® so it could reach its maximum value in the fire protection field. 

While 45 minutes of continuous spraying is available, actual spraying is intermittent because of movement from point to point.  On one incident, the FIRE TYKE® was on the fire line over 1˝ hours doing containment, perimeter mop-up, and hot spot coverage.  Only a little over HALF of the water was used!

Please review the specification sheet for details regarding the FIRE TYKE®.  You will quickly see how versatile it is and how many ways in which it can be used to fight fires and protect property.   The FIRE TYKE® really shines where conventional vehicles cannot go.

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