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GENERAL ATTRIBUTES:  The FIRE TYKE® is a unique fire protection vehicle unlike any other.           Although small, it carries a tremendous punch for its size.  Consider these capabilities:

  • 125 gallons of water payload
  • Compact size of 45 inches wide by 111 inches long

  • Up to 45 miles per hour speed on open road

  • Negotiates through soft footing without getting stuck

  • Climb and descend maximum recommended slopes fully loaded

  • Spray while in motion

APPLICATIONS:  The FIRE TYKE® fits any fire situation that needs a small, agile, highly mobile response vehicle.  Examples of ways it may be used:

  • Control and Prescribed Burns

  • Fast access to remote locations with substantial capacity for fire suppression

  • Move quickly with fast moving fires to get containment

  • Structure protection with fast egress from the affected fire area

  •  Lay down a wet line and/or light a back fire

  • Work in support of brush trucks and water drops

  • Mop-up operations


FEATURES:  What are some of the features that make this system so unique?

  • Individual water and foam tanks with induction system for mixing

  • Foam cell can be turned off independently allowing for ‘water only’ delivery

  • A patented air-aspirated wet foam nozzle with a throw distance of 40 to 45 feet

  • Foam nozzle can be removed and a ‘Gel’ style nozzle attached so that  ‘Gel’ fire fighting products
    may be used

  • Pump stops automatically whenever flow at the nozzle is stopped

  • No 'recoil’ nozzle is one-hand operated with a trigger style flow control

  • Nozzle and pump are matched and preset to deliver approximately 2½ g.p.m.

  • Preset flow rate allows for over 45 minutes of continuous delivery

  • Tanks can be refilled by drafting in less than 15 minutes



  • Tanks designed and manufactured to meet NFPA tank design standards

  • Tanks made of copolymer polypropylene to withstand high and low temperature extremes and coated with urethane for durability

  • Fluid delivery system components made of corrosion resistant materials (brass, stainless steel, or plastic)


IN SUMMARY:  Every facet of the FIRE TYKE® has been carefully analyzed, developed, and designed in order to manufacture the finest product possible.  The intent is to provide a system which fills a void no other existing fire protection vehicle can fill.

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